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Much more than just a robot!

This past week has been one of our busiest weeks yet. Our “build” sub-teams have been very busy putting our robot together! Only a couple weeks are left, things are getting real! As you may not know, the FIRST Robotics Competition is much more than just building a robot. In addition to our hardworking build teams, we also have several other sub-teams working behind the scenes on non-mechanical jobs.

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20 days left of build season!

The last month has flown by and it’s been a blast! We can’t believe January is already over. We have learned so much this month. We started from having no idea what the challenge would be to having a prototype robot built and running, with prototypes for all our mechanisms for the game! Over the last few days we have been very busy brainstorming for our final robot design, and we are happy to say we are almost ready to start building! Yesterday we got a big shipment of parts for the robot!

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Only 3 days away..

It’s just under three days until the build season kickoff, and we have been busy! So much has gone in to making this possible for our team.

Our season began with informational sessions to recruit team members. After it was all said and done, we ended up with 14 highly motivated and dedicated team members and five adult mentors. With a wide variety of skills and talents, our team is very well rounded and ready for our rookie year.

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FRC Remix 2016

FRC Howdy Bots at Remix 2016FRC Remix 2016 is an off-season FRC competition hosted by Texas Torque (team 1477) in The Woodlands, TX. Team Appreciate (Team 2468) from Westlake High School generously offered to loan us a robot for this competition. Our team accepted the offer and the challenge! With only 3 hours of prior practice we successfully competed in the event and made it to the quarter finals!

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