The Howdy Bots and ATX Robotics (our non-profit) are actively recruiting new mentors, general volunteers, and board members. After eight hard working years, it’s time for our founder and some of our original leaders to pass the torch to the next crew. If you’ve been looking for a new team mentor, or otherwise help, this is your chance to step up! Don’t worry, the old crew isn’t leaving; they plan to stay involved but need to hand off the team leadership over the coming year.

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Commitment Expectations and Flexibility

Mentoring students and supporting the team is a hugely rewarding endeavor. It is common that our volunteers find themselves diving in deeper than they first anticpated. It just might be a bit addictive!

With a few exceptions, our roles are listed as they are to maintain flexibility, but can be adjusted to match the skills, interests and time availability of our volunteers. They may be filled by one or more people. One person may cover multiple roles. Some roles require more time than others and we have options for both large commitments and small commitments. We aim to be as flexible as possible but for consistency we do ask that volunteers make a time commitment and stick with it through the season. The majority of our volunteers also have “day jobs,” and from time to time will need to miss team activities due to work projects, business travel, or other unplanned life events. We understand volunteering is additional time on top of work and other family obligations. We can work to accommodate unplanned schedule changes when needed, as long as there is clear communication.

The minimum duration for mentors and volunteers is one year, except for key roles that do require a longer commitment and will require more hours per week. Key roles are Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and Lead Mentors. The minimum commitment for Head Coach is 3 years. Assistant Coach and Lead Mentors should plan on at least 2 years. ATX Robotics Board of Director positions are two-year terms that may be renewed.

Mentoring (works directly with students)
Support and Admin Roles
ATX Robotics Board Positions

We have roles that are student/mentor oriented and some that are back-of-house or administrative (meaning you don’t necessarily have to work directly with students). Many of the “team” related roles can be filled by team parents and handed off to another parent each year.

** While the roles below represent those we currently need to fill, we are also happy to have more technical mentors (electrical, mechanical, programming) to work with and share their expertise with our students.

Mentoring / Works with Students

* denotes key role with extra commitments and/or duration

Mentors are a vital part of the Howdy Bots!  We welcome professionals to join our team on a full or part-time basis and help impart their knowledge to the kids.  Our skill-building is built on an apprenticeship model that you can read more about in our mentor handbook below.   If you would love to talk more about working with the Howdy Bots or coming for a visit to learn more about our team, please contact us!

Non-Technical Lead *

Mentors students in all aspects of building and expanding the Howdy Bot brand and marketing the team. MarCom mentor/student duties include:

  • Handles all external communications: Social Media, Website, Blog, Newsletters, Press Releases
  • Produces team T-shirts, Pit Banners, and event swag
  • Video creation and production
  • Sponsor care
  • Graphic creation and photo library maintenance

Community Outreach

  • Outreach planning and execution (demonstrations, community events, etc.)
  • Student and Mentor Recruiting
  • Team Tour Planning (STEM businesses, orgs, etc.)
  • Open House Planning and Execution

Download the Mentor Handbook HERE.

Download the Mentor Application HERE.

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Support and Administrative Roles

* denotes key role with extra commitments and/or duration

Fundraising *

(may be three positions: grants, sponsors, team fundraisers)

  • Grant hunting, tracking, writing and submissions
  • Donor tracking and thank yous
  • Sponsor hunting, tracking, and meetings
  • Sponsor packet updates
  • Impact letters to sponsors
  • Participation in community fundraising events (i.e. I Live Here I Give Here)
  • Creation and execution of annual telethon fundraiser
  • GuideStar updates
  • Could be a mentoring position

Team Finance

  • Collect payments for dues, t-shirts, travel, etc.
  • Coordinate with Head Coach to collect unpaid fees
  • Coordinate with ATXR Bookkeeper to ensure payments are accounted
  • Coordinates with Head Coach and ATXR Bookkeeper to build and track team budget
  • Assists with telethon donation entry

Building & Grounds

  • Oversees general upkeep of building and grounds
  • Monthly lawn care
  • Trailer maintenance
  • Pest control

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ATX Robotics Board Positions

* denotes key role with extra commitments and/or duration

The board holds pre-scheduled quarterly meetings. Additional meetings may be held as needed. Board members are expected to: attend at least one team event each year, utilize their network to assist with fundraising or other team needs, review organization plans, provide guidance to the organization and to attend all board meetings.

ATX Robotics:
Treasurer *

  • Upload bank statements monthly for QuickBooks reconciliation
  • Review financial reports for quarterly board meetings
  • Review and classify deposits/expenses for ATX Robotics programs
  • Sign checks for expenses over $1000
  • Review annual 990s and depreciation schedules

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