20 days left of build season!

The last month has flown by and it’s been a blast! We can’t believe January is already over. We have learned so much this month. We started from having no idea what the challenge would be to having a prototype robot built and running, with prototypes for all our mechanisms for the game! Over the last few days we have been very busy brainstorming for our final robot design, and we are happy to say we are almost ready to start building! Yesterday we got a big shipment of parts for the robot!

Our robot will be pretty small, at only 29″ by 31″, with the bumpers on and everything. It will be able to pickup gears from the hoppers and deliver them to the gear lift. It will also be able to climb the ropes at the end of the game. We decided to not mess with the fuel, because we felt like it didn’t give us very many points compared to the other game parts.

Here’s some pictures from the last few days:

Last night we got a big shipment of metal beams we will use to build the robot!


Last weekend, I Fratelli Pizza was kind enough to give us some pizza! This is great for us because we need a lot of money to participate in FRC, and when people donate food to us, that is less money we need to spend on food, and more money we can spend on our robot!




Sorry for a shorter post than usual, we don’t have too much to show off this week. Next week, we will start building our robot, so expect a pretty big blog post! Only 3 weeks left to get this thing done!

Tune in to our YouTube channel as well, we will be posting a cool video later this week!

-Howdy Bots


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