2019 Week 3 Recap

Howdy Partners!

In this past week, our sub-teams have made huge progress on robot prototyping. Although we are not ready to share anything, we have talked to some students about their experience so far this year.

Each sub-team needs the other and communication is essential. The mechanical team creates the robot, the programming team writes the robot code, and the wiring team makes the connections that allow information to flow between the code and the robot.  Let’s meet some of the students on these sub-teams.

First we have Zach who is on the mechanical team and has done some of the wiring for the robot. He’s worked on CAN, a type of data wire that allows for the sending of data between the RoboRio (our brain) and another device, and many other power wires.  He has also learned to strip wires and insert them into the pdp ports like a boss.

Then we have Sean who joined the programming team because he likes the problem solving aspect of making programs.  He enjoys using LabVIEW to code the robot because it’s more visual rather than a wall of code. It drives him crazy when you make an easily preventable mistake and it messes up all your code.

And finally we have Abbey who loves mechanical because of the machinery’s intricate parts which all fit together in a precise way.  She also enjoys it when people are safe (which is great, her being the safety captain and all).

Thanks to all these sub-teams (and our sponsors 😉 ), we can compete successfully and reach our goals like making it to champs as we have in the past two years.  

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