2019 Week 4 Recap


Another week has passed, and we are getting much closer to the end. Just 2 weeks left until Build Season ends, yikes!

Remember our pit last year? The Power-Up saloon, that combined the game’s theme with our cowboy roots? The Marketing team’s been busy designing the pit this year, and we are finally ready to show you what we’ve got.

We present to you: The Orbital Outpost!

The Orbital Outpost is an intergalactic gas station that orbits around Planet Primus. Our robot is an employee at the outpost; however, it’s gone a bit rogue lately. It keeps running away from us to compete instead of working hard! If you have seen this Outlaw, please return it to us immediately.

If you are at either of our competitions, definitely stop by the Orbital Outpost! We have designed the entire pit to merge the Deep Space theme with our cowboy theme, similar to the Power-Up Saloon. We are so excited to show everyone the final product! More teasers will be posted on our Social Media soon.

Meanwhile on the Mechanical side, we have put together the drive train and started test driving it and doing design iteration! The CAD team has been finalizing the design and is in a design review as we speak. Electronics and motors have been updated to the latest software, and the wiring team reports that they have been wiring, and wiring some more. They did find a dead wire in the robot this week, and reported that they have labeled it “dead wire”. Rumor is that rewiring will be on the task list next week. The wiring team is thrilled with this new and exciting mission!

In all seriousness, it’s getting to the point where everyone is getting tired. It’s tough working long hours every week, especially when things don’t go right! However, we also know we get closer to the finished product every day. We are all looking forward to competition season and competing with our favorite teams again soon!

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