Help us get to Champs!

As many of you know, we won the Lone Star Central regional earlier this month with teams Texas Torque and Jersey Voltage FRC 4587 and that means we get to compete at the FRC World Championships in April! This is all very exciting, but…..there is a cow in the road! We need your help to move this cow and clear our way to Champs! Our wagon is packed and ready – can you help us raise the $5,000 entrance fee?

The Howdy Bots pride ourselves in being a unique team that invites any kid age 13 and up to hang their hat at our ranch. So that cow in the road….you see, including these younger ages makes us ineligible to receive funding from Texas Workforce Commision. They generously provide funding for Champs to all Texas high school teams that win at a Texas regional. We reckon they did not anticipate a team like the Howdy Bots comin’ to town.

Today we are launching our “25 x 200” campaign. If 200 Howdy Bot/FRC fans each donate $25, we will be able to go!!

Please help us spread the message far and wide, to all homes where the robots roam! We will keep everyone updated on our progress! Thank you for continuing to Power Us Up!