Build Season Team Update | Week 3


In this post, we are going to tell you about some of the improvements we are making to our robot this year. Last year was our rookie year, so we had a pretty basic robot, but it’s time to up our game!

Our programming team is currently working on a closed loop controller, which allows the robot to take care of any problems it runs into on the field. It makes autonomous more consistent and accurate, and it makes driving easier and smoother. We will have 2 way communication with the robot, so it can communicate back to us. For example, if we tell it to go full speed ahead, it will report back to us and give details on its current state.

The mechanical team has been building Ball Shifter Gear Boxes for our drive train. They consist of 3 mini CIM motors, a pneumatic gear shifter, and an encoder. Using three Mini-CIMs gives us the same power as two CIM motors, but it takes up less space in the robot, leaving more room for mechanics and electronics. We will be using 6″ wheels which are currently on order.

Our CAD team is using SolidWorks to create models for our mechanisms! Our lift mechanism (for the end-game) will be using the super-small but very powerful 775 Pro motors to lift our heavy alliance partners. (No offense!) Our cube intake mechanism will use Bag Motors and Versa-Planetary Gear Boxes to spin green rubber wheels that will grab power cubes and spit them out again. We are also creating our Pit in CAD!


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