FRC Remix 2016

FRC Howdy Bots at Remix 2016FRC Remix 2016 is an off-season FRC competition hosted by Texas Torque (team 1477) in The Woodlands, TX. Team Appreciate (Team 2468) from Westlake High School generously offered to loan us a robot for this competition. Our team accepted the offer and the challenge! With only 3 hours of prior practice we successfully competed in the event and made it to the quarter finals!

You can see our results and videos here.

Our team learned a lot about the organization and pacing of a competition. We learned to double check the charge on our batteries and to ensure they are super strapped down. We also learned how to make quick repairs in the pits. The experience will be invaluable as we prepare for the 2017 SteamWorks games!

A huge thank you to 2468 for the loaner bot and their invaluable guidance and assistance!

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