Houston Championships Recap

Last week we participated in the Houston Championship.

This competition was a lot different than our previous competitions, as there were 400 other teams and thousands of people! Since there were so many teams, the competition was split into six divisions, and the winners of each division would compete in the finals in Minute Maid Park, the Houston Astros baseball stadium!

Hanging out in the pit with fellow rookies, the Regiobots from Mexico!

Each division was like its own competition. There were about 60 teams in each one, and they each had their own qualification matches, alliance picking, and eliminations. We were fortunate enough to get picked by the 6th seed alliance as a backup robot, but lost in a tiebreaker in the quarterfinals.

We met Don Bossi, President of FIRST, at the Welcome Party on Thursday!

With the championships over, we are now done with competing and we can keep our robot unbagged. So what’s next for us? Over the next few months, we will be doing lots of fundraising for the next season, recruiting more team members, and possibly doing some off-season competitions. We will also be at the Maker’s Faire in Austin on May 13th and 14th!

Whether you are a sponsor, a friend, family member, or just someone interested in our team, we would like to thank you. We wouldn’t have ever gotten this opportunity without the support we received over the past few months. Going to the championships was an amazing experience for our team. We met a lot of awesome teams, learned a ton, and even met some FIRST celebrities! It’s an event our team will never forget.

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