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Our team will be competing at the First in Texas (FiT) District State Champs in Houston.  We hope that you will tune in an watch us play on-line!

Schedule:  A full schedule of events can be found here.

How do I watch you play on-line?

The event is streamed live on Twitch for you to watch.  Because the First in Texas site is not always updated with the link, we are putting all the potential links here. Our team is in the Mercury Division.  The field will be alternating matches between the two divisions, Mercury and Apollo.  Look at the graphics during the match to see which field’s match is being shown at the moment.

When do you play?

Unfortunately we do not receive a match schedule until the morning the competition begins.  The best way to find out when we will be playing is to go to our web page on The Blue Alliance. Scroll down until you see the “First in Texas District District Championship”.  This section will populate with our matches and the estimated time they will take place.