More Prototypes, Plybot, and More!

This past week, we’ve been busy yet again. We have worked further on our prototypes, tested them, and even got a prototype we named “Plybot” up and running! We also have a new YouTube video showing off our Plybot and how it picks up gears and moves them to the lift!

The reason we call this prototype Plybot is because it is made out of plywood, obviously! We will soon rebuild the robot with a few changes out of metal. It worked great as a prototype, and helped us understand a lot about how it will function as the final design.


On the rope side, we have finished building our “Rope climbing” field element.  The robot will climb the rope all the way to the top of the structure. We made a cardboard box into a “fake robot” which has the prototype hooked up to it with a motor that lets us climb the rope. In our YouTube video this Sunday, we will showcase the prototype.


We have made a ton of progress on the gear side too. We have working prototypes that will pick up the gears from the gear hopper, and move them over to the lift! The robot will drive the gear up to the lift, and the human player on the airship will pull the gear straight out of the robot.

Next week we plan to finalize our prototype designs and start working on the real manipulators. Tune in next Wednesday for another blog post, and tune in to our YouTube channel for a video this upcoming Sunday!

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