Post-Build Season Team Update


We came in this season with a goal of being able to lift two robots and scoring levitate to count as all 3 teams climbing, and to pick up cubes to dispense them in the vault and switch. We’re not quite there yet. Last week, we started test-driving our robot and ran into many issues. Our top priority during these two short weeks before our first competition is to fix those issues so our robot is competitive. Obviously, we can’t unbag our robot to test it, so that’s why we are building a second robot! We will keep track of the tweaks and changes we make and apply them to our currently bagged robot at our first competition, on practice day.

Meanwhile on the Marketing side, it’s buying season! Now that we have designed all of our banners, t-shirts, brochures, etc, it’s time to order them. Meanwhile, pit construction has been going along well. (Well, other than the fact that the weather keeps cursing us with rain, keeping us from going outside!) We have been carving foam to make it look like wood for our front signs, as seen below.

“When are your competitions?” you may be asking. We will be at the Lone Star Central regional in Houston, Texas from March 14-17, and the El Paso Regional in, obviously, El Paso, Texas, from March 28-31. Mark your calendars, and make sure to stop by the PowerUp Saloon to grab some fancy pins and say howdy!

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