Howdy Bots End-of-Year Recap 2018


As Build Season comes closer and closer, we look back on the previous year and all our accomplishments. 2018 was pretty nuts (and bolts)!

We never expected to end up as division finalists at the start of Build Season. Here are some highlights from our 2018 season-

  • Being Newton Division Finalists
  • Winning the Lone Star Central Regional
  • Winning the Imagery Award
  • Being Finalists at the Texas Robotics Invitational
  • Running a successful Telethon
  • Making friends with new teams
  • Building an awesome, unique pit and watching people get excited over our designs
  • Learning new skills along the way!

Build Season for 2019 begins in just three weeks. Who knows what experiences we will have this year? We’re so excited to dive into our third season! Keep an eye out on our website during Build Season for weekly Blog updates.

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