2022 Howdy Bots Rodeo begins at 6pm, this Saturday, August 27th!

The annual Howdy Bots Rodeo is a great way for students to develop new skills and enjoy the challenges of an FRC competition season during the "slow days" of Summer. Students are divided up into small teams of four to five students each and presented with a unique game challenge. Just like a normal build season, the teams have a few short weeks to develop a game strategy, design their robots, build, test & optimize ahead of the Rodeo competition. Because of the small team sizes, students are actively involved in all aspects.

The 2022 Howdy Bots Rodeo competition will begin at 6pm this Saturday, August 27th, at the Howdy Bots Shop. The event is open to families, sponsors, perspective new students / mentors, or anyone interested in learning more about FRC.

If you can't make it out to the shop, we'll be streaming the event on YouTube: https://youtu.be/awMoTe6br0U 


2022 Rodeo Game Overview: Varmint Vanquish!

It’s the day before the annual “Most Beautiful Ranch” contest, and your ranch has become infested with pesky varmints! Because you don’t abide by killin’ (and to give you a leg up in the competition), you’ve decided to “relocate” as many of the varmints to your neighbor’s ranch before the judges show up. Unfortunately, it looks like your neighbor has the same idea, so time to get hoppin’!

In VARMINT VANQUISH, 2 ALLIANCES of 2 ROBOTS each play the role of ranchers trying to rid their ranches from rambunctious (and revolting) rodents by transporting them across the fence line into the opposing ranch before time expires. During the first 15 seconds of each MATCH, ranchers will get a head start on their day by leveraging their ROBOTS’ autonomous functionality to exit the farmhouse (leave their ALLIANCE wall) and begin depositing VARMINTS across the fence line. During the 2:15 teleoperated period, additional VARMINTS will be roused from their BURROWS onto the FIELD, including a few “MEGA-VARMINTS ” twice the size of their normal cousins. ROBOTS will continue picking up regular- and MEGA-VARMINTS and depositing them across the FENCE LINE. Finally, during the last 30 seconds of the MATCH, ROBOTS race back to their rickety ol’ farmhouse PORCH to get the best view of the judging. The ranchers who have done the best job relocating VARMINTS to their opponents’ ranch once time expires will be declared to have the “Most Beautiful Ranch” and win never-ending glory amongst their ranchin’ peers!