The FIRST Robotics Competition game for 2022 is Rapid React. The game and field is themed around loading cargo on airplanes. It was focused around a central hub balls were shot into and an innovative end game apparatus where robots had to climb up a set of rungs like playground monkey bars.

Game Reveal

2022 Robot – Danger Noodle

Our 2022 robot is named Danger Noodle. Danger Noodle featured an autonomous routine capable of building an early lead by delivering 4-to-5 balls in the upper goal. With its rotating turret and visual targeting, Danger Noodle consistently scored over 10 more balls during the teleoperated period. Finally, Danger Noodle used an internal gyroscope to reliably automate a climb to the traversal rung in under 15 seconds.

Season Stats

Waco District Event (week 1)

W/L Record 5-9-0

Seed 20th

Alliance 1st pick, 7th alliance (w/ 8528, 2689) (Quarter-Finalists)

OPR 20.06 (8th)

Awards Gracious Professionalism

Austin District Event (week 3)

W/L Record 10-8-0

Seed 12th

Alliance 1st pick, 2nd alliance (w/ 7521, 3435) (Semi-Finalists)

OPR 26.71 (6th)

Awards Autonomous Award sponsored by Ford

First in Texas District Championship, Mercury Division

W/L Record 5-10-0

Seed 28th

Alliance 1st pick, 6th alliance (w/ 3735, 7121) (Quarter-Finalists)

OPR 31.00 (11th)

Awards Entrepreneurship