The Howdy Bots have an annual operating budget of approximately $150,000.  The many parts we use to build our robots, materials needed to market our team, shop rent and utilities, travel and food costs, and registration fees for competitions add up quickly.  We turn to family, friends and individual supporters as well as corporate sponsors to help us raise the money we need to have a team year to year. 

We are looking to find corporate sponsors who would like to sponsor us for one year or on a multi-year basis.   We would love to come and do a demonstration for your company so that we can not only tell you, but show you what the Howdy Bots are all about.

Our sponsorship packet below provides more detail on our team, sponsorship opportunities, and what you can expect in return for your generous support.  Contact information for our team mentors is in the sponsorship packet! 

2023-2024 sponsorship packet