We Made Prototypes!

This week, we have been very busy making prototypes for our manipulators! Here are some pictures we have taken the past week:

We code-named this prototype “The Torture device”. Although it is not used to torture people, it can climb ropes! With the drill, the tube spins. The idea is that this device will be able to catch a rope and pull the entire robot up into the air.

We can carry gears too! We are considering multiple designs for our gear manipulator, this being one of them. The gear is picked up from the loading station, and then driven to the lift, where the pilots pull up out of the manipulator.

Speaking of loading stations, we built one of those too! Not even a heavy downpour could get us from finishing this project.


This is the start of a rope climbing structure. It’s not complete quite yet, but should be done by next blog post.


We will be making a new blog post every Wednesday. Tune in next week for more.

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