The 2024 theme for all the FIRST programs is FIRST IN SHOW, and the FIRST Robotics Competition game is CRESCENDO. In this game, robots need to launch notes into their respective amps and speakers, earning 1 and 2 points respectively. Robots can also hang off their team’s stage by climbing a chain for additional points in human-controlled tele-operated mode.

Our 2024 robot Lowrider was designed from the outset to be hard to defend. Featuring a small frame and a turreted shooter, Lowrider shoots across the field on a custom packaged swerve drivetrain. From our full-width under the bumper intake, Notes make their way into either the turret or the Amp scoring mechanism. Computer vision allows Lowrider to track the Speaker from anywhere inside the Wing and make shots while under defense. At the end of the match, Lowrider can hang on the Stage chains with a set of arms designed to pull the chain down directly over Lowrider’s center of mass.

This year, we were a unique robot as one of the handful of teams who utilized a turret for their shooting mechanism. By the end of the season, Lowrider could reliably score two pieces in the speaker in autonomous and five pieces in the amp in the tele-operated period.

We were even interviewed by Mari with FIRST Updates Now!
  • W/L Record: 12-4-0
  • Seed: 3rd
  • Alliance: Alliance 2 Captain, with 6800 and 9311; Round 5
  • OPR: 21.50 (7th)
  • Awards: Quality Award
  • W/L Record: 7-8-0
  • Seed: 21st
  • Alliance: First pick of Alliance 6, with 9136, 8114, and 9051 ; Round 3
  • OPR: 24.97 (7th)
  • Awards: Autonomous Award
  • W/L Record: 8-6-0
  • Seed: 12th
  • Alliance: Second Pick of Alliance 8, with 9136 and 9105 ; Round 2
  • OPR: 26.65 (14th)
  • W/L Record: 5-7-0
  • Seed: 25th
  • Alliance: First pick of Alliance 7, with 8808, 324, and 4639 ; Round 2
  • W/L Record: TBD
  • Seed: TBD
  • Alliance: TBD