It Begins!

Our last week has been very busy! Last Saturday was kickoff, and we have been working countless hours since then.

In case you missed it, the Steamworks Game was announced last weekend. It starts with 3 robots on each side. The first 15 seconds are autonomous, and the rest is two minutes and 15 seconds of teleop. There are three main objectives robots are supposed to do: Shoot green “Fuel” balls into the boiler, place gears on a lift to activate rotors, and to climb a rope and hit a touch-pad. To get a better understanding of the game, check out the Steamworks Game Animation video made by FRC.

Over the last weekend, we read over the rules many many times, strategized, and got working on the start of our robot. It began with our entire team driving about an hour away to a big meetup where all the teams in Austin found out about the game at the same time. We then went back to our workshop to read the rules and watched FRC’s official videos to get a good understanding of the game. Our team then divided up into sub-teams to get specific tasks done. As of now, we have a drive-base done and a strategy planned.

This next week, we would like to start prototyping our robot mechanics and parts. Keep up with our blog for more, we plan to blog more often these next few weeks during Build Season.

PS. We also now have a YouTube Channel! Check it out!

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