The FIRST Robotics Competition game for 2019 is DESTINATION: Deep Space. The game and field is themed around space exploration.

2019 Robot

A rogue worker from the Orbital Outpost, Outlaw handles cargo and hatch panels, and climbs to the level 3 HAB platform at the end of the game. It uses a wheeled intake to suck in and shoot out cargo and a “bird beak” to grab hatch panels from the inside. To climb, it uses suction to grab onto the level 3 platform. It then rotates the entire robot safely onto the platform.

Blog Posts from 2019

We are competing in Austin again! Come join us!

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We are competing in Austin. Come join us!

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Austin District Event

W/L Record: 11-6-0

Seed: 1st

Alliance: 4610, 7621 (Semi-Finals)

# of Climbs: 12

OPR: 29.56 (1st)

Awards: Creativity Award

Del Rio District Event

W/L Record: 16-4-0

Seed: 2nd

Alliance: 7521, 7088 (Winners)

# of Climbs: 17

OPR: 23.92 (5th)

Awards: District Event Winner, Creativity Award

FiT District Championship

W/L Record: 8-8-0

Seed: 20th

Alliance: 7521, 7179 (Semifinals)

# of Climbs:

OPR: 31.17 (6th)

Awards: Imagery Award

Houston Championship – Turing Division

W/L Record: 4-7-0

Seed: 35th

Alliance: 2930, 5012, 3478 (Quarterfinals)Paragraph

# of Climbs:

OPR: 32.92 (8th)