2019 Week 2 Recap


We’re back once again to talk about our second week as we move into our third.

Week two was very tiring but that’s normal.  It just means we’re working harder than ever. Everyday we work on bringing our ideas to life for competition and we are not stopping any time soon.

The marketing team has completely rebranded the pit from a mighty space station to something more humble. The old design featured a name known to us as the “Mission Corral”. The details weren’t coming to us as well as last year. We were not feeling excited by the design and we had difficulty integrating our cowboy brand with the space theme.  We love our new idea and can’t wait to unveil it at our week one competition.

The whole team completed a rules test to see how well we knew the rules. We are being graded as I type this post. (Hopefully I did well!)

To test the robot’s ability to jump, we rammed Pac-Bot repeatedly onto the Level 2 Platform at top speeds like a certain blue hedgehog. All it cost was wheel damage! (He could do it, but he really didn’t like it…)

The team is extending our design period to continue looking at mechanisms to accomplish our gameplay goals.  A perk of being a small team is that everyone is involved with the high-level design of our robot. Everyone’s opinion counts.  While we are feeling the days passing by, we are confident that taking a little while longer to think about our design choices will pay off in durability.

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