Howdy Bots Pre-Build Season Team Update

Howdy! A lot has been going on for the Howdy Bots during these last few months. We had an Online Auction, we demonstrated our robot at a basketball game to thousands of people, and so much more!

Online Auction

Our last blog post was announcing our Online Auction, and we are happy to say it was very successful! We raised about $2500. Big thanks to all the companies that donated to us!

Austin Spurs Demo

On November 14th, we demonstrated our robot at an Austin Spurs game Halftime show! There were over 5,000 people in the crowd. Check out our recap video here!


Prepping for Build Season

Build season is only 4 days away! We have been busy cleaning up the garage, learning, and preparing over these last few months.

Cleaning up the garage and preparing for Build Season (Don’t mind the emojis on the wall)


We got to borrow a 3d Printer for Build Season! Here we are printing our “World Famous” Howdy Bot!


With Build Season starting THIS WEEK, things are getting really exciting. Look forward to weekly blog posts during Build Season. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for daily updates.


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