The Marketing Team’s Takeover (Week 4 Update)


As you may or may not know, we have a fully dedicated Marketing team that works on the branding, design, and social media aspects of our team. (They also blog!) This is the story of our thought process of how we made our designs this year.

The Beginning

January 9th, 2018. Build season was just beginning. We thought we were going to create the usual, boring stuff, like business cards and brochures. We had no idea how we would design our pit. “Oh, we just won’t put much effort into it this year! It’s not worth our time!” some of us said. We would never go back to that heavy wooden pit that took over an hour to build! We knew we wanted to use a frame that we could put up in just minutes. However, we also wanted an awesome and unique design that grabs people’s attention, similar to last year’s pit.

One day, we were having one of our long brainstorming sessions, and all of a sudden, we got this crazy idea. And that idea was photoshopping the Howdy Bot mascot’s face onto a PacMan ghost, because why not! Seeing this idea changed our thought process completely. What if we merged our cowboy theme with the Power Up theme?

We shared our many ideas with the mechanical team – you know, those guys who think about nothing but robots all day long. Some sighed, some walked away. We were determined to make this work, despite their silly eye rolls, head shaking, and looks of disappointment!

The Rise of PacBot

January 21, 2018. Our ideas are not stopping. Our power levels are rising. We have this crazy idea of conquering the world with our genius designs! We could possibly even win the Imagery Award! We continued creating our designs in Photoshop. And then… a monster was born.

“That thing is hideous! IT HAS AN UNDER BITE!!!” the mechanical team told us. We did not care. We had the brilliant idea of putting it on our t-shirts, and even our pit! Nothing could stop us from our ideas!

We got to designing. Our pit will have a sign on the top, welcoming you into the “Power Up Saloon.” There will be three banners- a PacMan themed banner, a Super Mario themed banner, and the “Power Up Menu” in the middle. The menu will list things that “Power us Up” from sponsors and mentors, to brownies and memes! We began designing the pit in CAD software.

Banner Progress

February 1, 2018. The banners are going along well. Soon, we will be able to print them and start building our pit! You won’t believe how insane our pit is! (Not clickbait) The mechanical team is still busy building their robot in the dark, dreary garage. Meanwhile, we are inside, sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, talking about memes, and creating our usual brilliant designs. The mechanical team looks at us and sighs. Oh well, maybe one day they will understand our ways! Or maybe not!

February 4, 2018. We have started painting foam for our PowerUp Saloon sign. We are using foam board because it is lightweight and easy to handle. Everything is going well. We have designed temporary tattoos to hand out in our pit, along with our world famous wooden pins like last year. However, this year’s pin design is a bit different…

A Sneak-Peek into the Future

May 10, 2018. Everyone loved our pit at champs. We are so proud of our hard work! We still can’t believe we got picked on the winning alliance at Einstein’s just because of our pit design! We told you that this was a good idea, mechanical team!

Thank you for reading the marketing team’s long ramble about designs and world conquering. If you somehow want more from us, you can find us on social media! Tune in next week for real robot updates! (Click for links- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

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