Much more than just a robot!

This past week has been one of our busiest weeks yet. Our “build” sub-teams have been very busy putting our robot together! Only a couple weeks are left, things are getting real! As you may not know, the FIRST Robotics Competition is much more than just building a robot. In addition to our hardworking build teams, we also have several other sub-teams working behind the scenes on non-mechanical jobs.

Our marketing sub-team posts regularly on our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, and YouTube). They also design marketing materials for our team, which includes our logo, our t-shirts, business cards, our pit, our brochure, and much more.


Our outreach team reaches out to companies and asks for a sponsorship, food, and donations. They make calls, write letters, and visit local businesses to establish partnerships. They also coordinate our demos and other activities in the community.


Our programming team is pretty self explanatory, but programming the robot is not as easy as it sounds. They make the mechanisms the build teams design actually work. They are one of the most important sub-teams.


CAD is a program used to make 3D designs, which we use to design our robot.  Our CAD sub-team built a digital version of our robot on the computer, which allows us to visualize our robot and get the exact dimensions we need before we build it. Eventually, we will also design our pit in CAD.


Our awards sub-team works on our requirements to apply for awards. We have been working on the Chairman’s award recently, and submitted our entry a few days ago! Applying for Chairman’s required answering a lot of short answer questions, writing an 8,000 character essay, and making a YouTube video. Check out the YouTube video here!


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